Before creating a tenancy we will take up references on you. It is essential that all the information requested is supplied and the application form is fully completed and legible. Missing information will delay and may jeopardise your application. If you have any queries please call the office on 01480 475777.

We will process your application and contact you once our enquiries are complete. If your application is a joint application, all parties must be referenced and must be present to sign the Tenancy Agreement on the start date of tenancy, this includes any guarantors.

The majority of tenancies are Assured Shorthold, for an initial fixed term of 6 months. If you leave before the end of the fixed term you will be liable for rent and utility costs to the end of the fixed term unless otherwise agreed.


Making an application and receipt of satisfactory references may not necessarily guarantee an applicant for tenancy.

Applicants must be in permanent employment (unless otherwise advised), your telephone number must include full dialling code and all addresses must include full postcodes.

Your regular gross income must be at least 2.5 times the rent. Example: Monthly rent £425.00, monthly rent x 12 x 2.5 = £12,750.

Please ensure that referees given on your application form have been advised that they will be contacted by Rightmove, which is the referencing agency that we use.

We are required under the Right to Rent Regulations to obtain photographic proof of identity from you. It will therefore be necessary for us to see your photographic identity i.e. passport and/or driving license. This information must be supplied when you submit your application form.

References required will include a credit check, employer and landlord, if relevant. We employ an agency to obtain these references. A holding deposit to the value of one week’s rent must be paid as a goodwill gesture to secure the property. The payment of this money is not intended to constitute a tenancy or offer of a tenancy and the charge is non-refundable if you withdraw your application, fail the right to rent check or provide false or misleading statements on your application form. Providing the tenancy goes ahead, the payment of one week’s rent will be deducted from the deposit on move in.

The rent must be paid in advance ONLY BY STANDING ORDER on or before the due date. The first month’s rent and a 5 week deposit (less one week already paid) must be paid into our bank account prior to move in and must be available as cleared funds before keys are released. The deposit is returnable by way of BACS payment without interest at the end of the tenancy, assuming no dilapidations or liabilities. Under no circumstances can the deposit be used towards any rent payments.

Upon occupation you will be given a copy of the current inventory, which we ask you to sign, you will then have 5 working days to advise of any discrepancies on your copy of the inventory. The security deposit is held against possible damage, breakages or losses and will be returned to you within working 10 days after vacation of the premises providing the final inspection is satisfactory.



We recommend that you have sufficient means to cover your liability for accidental damage to the landlord’s property, furniture, fixtures, and fittings. You may also wish to consider insuring your own personal possessions as these will not be covered by any policy held by the landlord. We are introducers for Rightmove who offer a range of products designed specifically for the lettings market; further information is available on request.


Magpie Property Management will take meter readings for gas and electric (where applicable/possible) and inform the relevant companies. However, it is still your responsibility to set up your own accounts, please note BT will not deal with a third party and therefore we cannot have any involvement with a landline.

Gas – If you need to find out who supplies gas to your new home, or your Meter Point Reference Number, contact the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524.

Electricity – To find out who previously supplied the electricity to your home, or your Electricity Supply Number, contact the local electricity distribution company. The number is normally in the telephone directory under 'Electricity'.



Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding document which requires you to pay the rent in full in cleared funds on the rent due dates. Failure to so will mean that you will be in breach of your tenancy agreement.

If you share the property with other tenants, you are jointly and severally liable for payment of the full rent on the rent due date. If any rent is outstanding on the rent due date then we may pursue one, some or all tenants for the costs incurred and the balance of rent due regardless of whether you as an individual have made a payment to us.


Magpie Property Management will retain any interest earned on monies held on your behalf.


Should you experience any problem with either the structure or contents (provided by the landlord) of the property, please contact Magpie Property Management immediately during office hours and we will arrange for one of our approved contractors to investigate the problem.

In certain circumstances, and normally where any work required is substantial, either in terms of cost or magnitude, it may be necessary to obtain more than one quotation from contractors, or to instruct a surveyor to assess the nature of the problem so that it can be resolved effectively.

Please do not instruct a contractor yourself and send us the invoice, as this will not be paid by us or your landlord unless we have previously agreed to do this.

If a contractor attends to a problem that you have reported and the fault is due to lack of care or misuse by you or other tenants occupying the property, you will be charged for the cost of putting it right.

It is very much in your interests to be available for appointments made with contractors in order that repairs can be carried out as quickly as possible. If you fail to keep an appointment made with a contractor then we may charge you the costs of the contractor’s abortive visit.


The tenant is responsible for normal household maintenance at the property i.e. replacing light bulbs, cleaning windows, cutting lawns, maintaining hedges, borders, keeping all guttering and drains clear from leaves and blockages, the removal of such pests as fleas, ants, wasps, etc. and any other tasks that are considered normal household management.

If there is a garden with your property you must keep it in good seasonal order. You must not uproot established trees and shrubs and you must not remove lawns as already laid at the commencement of your tenancy other than where agreed by the landlord.

If you share a common entrance to your property with other residents you are required to keep this area, and any other shared areas at the property clean and tidy and, in particular, free of rubbish and unwanted mail. It is particularly important that you keep shared entrances and exits clear and clean and tidy – this could be your escape route in the case of an emergency.


By law your landlord must comply with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 and subsequent associated legislation. Your landlord must have all gas systems, appliances and flues checked at least every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. These regulations do not apply to gas appliances owned by tenants for example a gas cooker. For your own safety we recommend that you too have your personal gas appliances checked at least every 12 months. You will be provided with a copy of the gas safety certificate provided by the inspecting engineer.

It is in the interests of your own safety and welfare that you cooperate fully with contractors making appointments with you to carry out a gas safety inspection.


Your landlord wants the property to be treated as your own home; however, the landlord’s consent must be obtained prior to any redecoration or alterations being carried out. Failure to comply with this may result in you being charged the cost of returning the property to its original condition at the end of your tenancy.

You are not permitted to alter, add, pull down or remove any part of the fabric of the building.


If during your tenancy you lose your house keys, whatever the circumstances, you are responsible for the cost of replacement. In the first instance, please contact Magpie Property Management as we may have a spare set of keys. The cost of having additional sets cut is to be borne by you, the tenant.

If a lock change is required as a result of you losing a key you will also be charged the cost of the lock change. If you occupy a flat in a block which has a common entrance door key you may also be charged the cost of providing all tenants in the block with new keys.

You must return the full compliment of keys to the property at the end of the tenancy and you will be charged for the cost of any duplicate keys or lock changes required if you do not do this.


If you have suffered a break-in that has resulted in damage to the external doors or windows, please report the incident to the Police, and then contact Magpie Property Management who will arrange for a contractor to secure the property.

It is important that the Police are advised and a Crime Reference number obtained as failure to do so may prevent you or your Landlord from making an insurance claim.


It is the responsibility of you, the tenant, to repair and/or re-glaze any windows or glazing broken at the property.


Please be aware that each year on the anniversary of the start of your tenancy, your landlord will review your rent and an increase may be sought.


You may not share the property with any adults (aged 18 or over) other than those named on the tenancy agreement. In addition, you may not transfer your tenancy to another person.

However, if one of the named tenants wishes to leave, regardless of whether they are to be replaced, please contact Magpie Property Management immediately to enable us to make the necessary arrangements. References must be obtained and approved by us and a new agreement signed before a new tenant can move in to the property.

Please Note: The incoming tenant must remunerate the outgoing tenant their portion of the deposit and all parties must agree as to the condition of the property at the time of transfer. We will not consider refunding any part of the deposit to any individual tenant during the tenancy.


Your tenancy agreement is a legally binding contract; it is for a fixed duration and you cannot give notice to vacate before the expiry date. If you need to vacate the property prior to the end of the fixed term, you, the tenant, shall be responsible for rent until the expiration of the term of the tenancy or a new tenant is found. In addition you will be responsible for the Landlord’s agency re-letting fees as applicable at that time.


You are required to give at least two full months notice of your intention to vacate the property. This is, however, subject to the term of your tenancy agreement. During this time, we will require access to accompany prospective tenants to view the property and will give you at least 24 hours notice. Your co-operation in allowing access is greatly appreciated.


Upon receipt of your notice letter, we will write to you to acknowledge your intended vacation. We will arrange to carry out the check-out, verify the condition of the property and read the meters. You will be required to return all sets of keys on or before your end date; you will be charged on a daily basis until all keys and possession are surrendered. You must be ready to leave the property and all of your personal effects and your furniture must be removed. Your property should have been professionally cleaned prior to your moving in and we may charge you for a professional clean when you vacate should it not meet the standards of cleanliness found at move in.


If for any reason you need to break your contract we do offer early release. This would mean that we would offer the property for rental and as soon as a new tenant is found (subject to contract) we will check you out of the property one day and the new tenant would take over the next day so there would be no break in tenancy for your landlord. The cost of this service is £300 + VAT which is your landlord’s re-let cost. You would be responsible for all rent and utilities until the new tenant took over.

We reserve the right to charge the following minimum charges.

Changes to tenancy agreement requested by tenant,
i.e. change of sharer, consent to keep pet, etc                      
Early Release£360.00
Mortgage Reference£48.00
Default fees, i.e. replacement key or
charge for late payment of rent
Guarantor Reference£50.00

Company Lets:

Administration/referencing                                                      £350.00
Tenancy renewal£60.00
Check out£180.00

All the above include VAT at the current rate.



Office Hours: 9am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 1.00pm Saturday


Agent: Magpie Property Management Limited
36 New Street, St Neots, Cambs, PE19 1AJ

Contacts: Vikkii Ashford

Tel No: 01480 475777 (Answer Machine out of Hours)


Should you experience a heating, plumbing or electrical problem out of office hours, and you feel that you are acting in a tenant like manner, please contact the following contractors:

STORRM Property Maintenance (gen. maintenance)07760 211211
TRANSCO (gas) 0800 111999
TRANSCO (electric)0800 283 8838

Please note: That should the contractor confirm that the problem was not an emergency then it will be at the discretion of the agent/Landlord to decide who is responsible for the invoice. Magpie Property Management acts in the interest of both parties at all times.